First single by Tainá is out!

When I moved back to Portugal I was really unsure of how the work situation would be. Smaller market, the network I work hard to build for seven years in London was gone… I reached out to my old school friend, Mikkel Solnado, CEO at Great Dane Studios. He told me he was working with this new artist, Tainá, and asked if I would be interested in recording her. I jumped at the opportunity!

Tainá was really nice and sweet, an old soul, but shy and not very confident. It was my privilege to watch her grow and mature as a performer, and I was happy to help her reach her goals in her performances. We got along very well and I was able to push her, she always was willing to try things!

In the end I was invited to mix the album also and it was great to be able to put the finishing touches on Tainá’s songs, with Mikkel’s and LEFT.’s production. I’m really proud of the album and of been given the opportunity to be there in the beginning of this ring star’s career.

Here is the music video for the first single, Sonhos: