Bryan Adams

Nuno works for me on and off, depending on the project. 
He has successfully tackled all I’ve thrown at him: recording, mixing, location recording, playback for video shoots. 
He’s hard working, easy going and I look forward to working with him again soon.

Dennis Weinreich

As a music engineer/producer for the last 40 years, it has been my privilege to work with some really great and talented people. The last few projects I have been doing I have had Nuno Fernandes in the chair beside me. Nuno has a great sense of music, performance and technology. I have come to rely on his judgement and skill. He is a great engineer, a creative mixer and someone who is easy to spend those long hours in the studio with.

Jussi Reijonen

I had the chance to work with Nuno during the recording of my album “un”. His skills and spirit made the recording as easy as can be - he is a consummate professional who not only gets great sounds but also creates an atmosphere conductive to great performances from the musicians.

João Luís

Lights of Nightmares

Nuno is the kind of Sound Engineer you want to have on your team for your project. Not only is he very talented, he is also very tenacious. He doesn't give up or compromise your work until everyone is happy. He worked with me for my band's album and did a superb job at it and never missed a deadline.

Nuno Serrão


Nuno did the mix and final dub for a short-film and a doc I did a while ago. His work elevated our audio to another level and the whole experience of working with him was enriching. He’s talented, professional and consistent, and these three things combined, are of great value for a director.

JJay Guertchakoff

Rash Panzer

Nuno, as Mixing Engineer for the "Back on the Rocks" album from Rash Panzer, has been a great professional you can count on driving the production to the result you dreamed of ! Thanks a lot Nuno!