Focusrite RedNet at JigSaw24

This past Thursday I went down to Soho to visit JigSaw24 to attend an event on Focusrite RedNet. Focusrite has a long history in the audio world and when they first announced the RedNet line I was curious but a little skeptical. It seemed like a solution to a problem I didn't have. So I kept following developments but it was slightly off my radar.

Recently with the release of the Red4Pre I started thinking a lot about Nathaniel Kunkel's Studio Without Walls concept again. Focusrite was offering an interface that I could use with my ProTools HD Native rig at home and that I could connect using ThunderBolt to my laptop on location, at the same time being able to use 32-channels of Dante expandability! I was almost convinced but it wasn't until the release of the Red8Pre that I started really seriously considering it. 

The idea of being able to reach a location and not having to carry long XLR multi-cores between points is nice. The idea of having the Red8Pre next to my laptop and just running an Ethernet lead to one or two MP8R (or a Grace Design m802, or a Millennia Media HV-3R) close to the sources and just having to run XLR leads from that point to the mics seems heavenly, especially since the pres are remote controlled. I could then have an A16R close to the interface for any other color preamps I would like to use. True, for those I'd need some long XLR leads or multicores but that would be an option for flavor. Another Ethernet cable to feed headphones or DI's... There are so many options that are Dante compatible, and in the near future with the adoption of the AES67 standard by the main Audio-over-IP suppliers, you can even add equipment from other standards, like Ravenna.

I truly believe that this would make my idea of a portable pro-studio a lot easier to achieve. The cabling will be a lot cheaper and easier to carry, and the gear itself also. Now, if I could only find the funds and get rid of my Avid Omni...

Thanks to Andy Brooks, Will Hoult, and Cameron Stevenson for the presentation and the patience to answer questions.